Some feedback from our Horse Powered Reading sessions:


"The very short explanation of the program is this, participants learn complex problem solving skills with the assistance of both the amazing facilitators and their spectacular and beautiful horses. Trust me when I say that there is sooooo much more that is uncovered by each student. Again, for those that must have a list (also a short list) of what was learned by the kids, lessons such as self confidence, leadership, conflict resolution, and too many others to list, are only a few."

Horse Powered Reading & Math

EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Learning ( helps students see and experience reading with their entire mind, body and emotions by creating metaphors for the skills involved in reading. In a Horse-Powered Reading session, reading problems are made visible by labeling obstacles that get in the way of understanding.

Why Horses?

Horses can influence people in very powerful ways. Accomplishing a task with the horse, in spite of fears, creates confidence and provides wonderful metaphors for dealing with other challenging situations like those faced by struggling readers at school.

Why Horse Powered Reading?

According to recent assessments, a third of elementary students and over 25% of middle and high school students read below the basic level needed to reach proficiency. More than 60% of all students are reading below grade level. Horse Powered Reading not only addresses reading skills, but just as important, builds motivation to read, positive attitude toward reading, and self confidence in reading abilities!

Information pulled from Cross P Ranch's website and Dr. Michele Pickel's Horse Powered Reading program.